Attacking Saudi’s embassy is a religious duty!

[A comic take on how hardliners’ attacking Saudi’s embassy in Tehran had an impact on Iranian football clubs.]

Thomas Lippman (Middle East expert): What Iranians should have done was keeping their eyes open and shutting their mouths. They should have introduced Saudis as responsible for the execution. But allowing attack, vandalism and putting fire to the embassy was the biggest Christmas gift to Saudis.

Narrator: In Iran, if three persons do something which harms 30 million people, it is not important at all. If 30 people do something that harms 300 million people, again it is not important at all. If 300 people do something that harms 3 billion people, then, of course, it is a little important, and we go to negotiation to resolve the issue. Persepolis FC won the match with Saudi’s Al-Ahli FC, and went to semi-finals of Asian Cup, without hosting even one match. The next match is with Saudi’s Al-Hilal FC, which naturally cannot be held in Iran. That is because when Sheikh Nimr was executed in Saudi Arabia, attackers on the embassy saw it as their own ‘sharia duty’ to climb up the walls of Saudi’s embassy, thus disconnecting our relationship with Saudi Arabia. And if anybody made a loss because of it, the hell with them. During this time, whenever Iranian teams had a match with Saudi teams, and they had to play the match abroad, the people cursed this attacker. Well, of course, later they said that Hossein Bastani had guided this operation from his Telegram account. Forget about me. In your opinion, if we want things like conquering other peoples’ embassies harm us more, what should we do not to laugh? A) Close Hossein Bastani’s Telegram’s account. B) Open the air conditioners’ canals of embassies so that we can more easily pass through them. C) Check to see who has slapped somebody, and then immediately support him and express our abhorrence. D) Nothing particular can be done. We keep cursing those who are behind it.