Telegram, the Iranian regime’s phobia!

[An IRIB report in which Iran’s Attorney General threatens Telegram Channel, and confirms arresting Mehdi Jahangiri, brother of Iran’s First Vice President.]

TV anchor says: Attorney General says, “soon we will take care of Telegram.” Montazeri called cyberspace loose and uncontrolled, harming the society’s morality.

Montazeri asserts: This loose and uncontrolled cyberspace which is still not managed correctly is one of the most harmful things to the core of the family and society’s morality. There must be warnings to the family, warnings to boy and girls. And some incidents must be recounted and clarified in the public media for people. We are investigating it in the judiciary system. One of the most effective factors in the increase in divorce statistics in the families is this cyberspace.

The reporter continues: Judiciary system acts neither politically nor without evidence and proofs. Attorney General criticized unkindness inside the country against the judiciary system and political libels against it, adding that judiciary system will not retreat because of these pressures.

Montazeri states: It is interesting that when judiciary system confronts all these currents and people and relatives and families of high-ranking officials of the country in previous government as well as the current government, it is politically libeled. They say that it is acting politically. This is not true. The judiciary system is not acting politically. There are documents and evidence in cases which I mentioned in general, and I don’t want to get into details. These people find a platform and immediately libel judiciary system politically, thinking that by a political libel against the judiciary system, it will obey and retreat. No. They must be sure that the judiciary system will confront whoever in whatever position, based on existing proofs and evidence.

The reporter adds: Attorney General said about arresting the brother of First Vice President that ‘a case is launched in the city of Kerman, and currently we cannot get into details.’ Montazeri said investigations, in this case, are still going on. Attorney General pointed out to political, social and moral damages of cyberspace, calling it a loose, uncontrolled space. He said, ‘soon we will take care of Telegram.’

Montazeri recounts: In past couple of weeks, a 13 or 14-year-old teenager killed a 7-year-old girl and buried her. When they arrested him, this teenager was asked, and he confessed that he was influenced by cyberspace. One of the effective factors in the increase in divorce statistics in the families is this cyberspace.