For Iran, JCPOA is all or nothing!

[In this footage of recent press conference in New York, Hassan Rouhani stressed that the nuclear with P5+1 is an “all or nothing” deal.]

Hassan Rouhani on JCPOA and possibility of U.S. pulling out of the nuclear deal: I don’t how a country or an individual will benefit from walking out of the deal [JCPOA]. There will be nothing but scandal for them. If U.S. administration walks out of this deal, it will be condemned by American people before anybody else. And it will be condemned by EU and by all countries of the world. And even U.S. allies will not dare to back this country in this regard because pulling out of such a significant deal is not something that can be supported by anyone. They must erase it from their minds forever. JCPOA either stays with all its features or is destroyed. JCPOA is non-negotiable. JCPOA is not amendable, JCPOA will not be supplemented, and there will not be any modification to JCPOA.

Hassan Rouhani on accusing Iran of supporting terrorism: But the second point about accusing Iran with regard to terrorism. Of course, this is not a new accusation. Previously some have made the same accusation. But let me ask you, which governments created Al-Qaeda? Who created Taliban? Those who start wars in our region, those who have trained and created terrorist groups cannot make such accusations against Iran. These governments should be [held accountable] for accusations against themselves.

Hassan Rouhani on Myanmar crisis: In Myanmar, there is actually ethnic cleansing underway, meaning by Myanmar army and Myanmar government – which is supporting the army or is keeping silent against the extremists and the army. Truth is that a group that has been residing and living in Myanmar for centuries are being completely driven out of Myanmar. They are killing people.

Hassan Rouhani on Aung San Suu Kyi: Especially those who have apparently received Nobel Peace Prize, and unfortunately are just watching these crimes or are helping the extremists today.