Iran’s regional diplomacy on fast forward

[An IRIB news about Zarif’s trip to Oman and Qatar.]

  The reporter says: Iran’s regional diplomacy on fast forward. Our country’s foreign minister who had left Oman for Qatar last night in the continuation of his regional consultation, today met and consulted with officials of this country. In this meeting with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, Zarif talked about bilateral and regional issues, calling stability and security in the region as vital for Iran. He added that none of the crises in the region have military solutions.

Zarif explains: In my short regional trip to Oman and Qatar, regional issues and issues related to critical conditions in our region, as well as various economic issues, were discussed.

The reporter adds: In this meeting, Emir of Qatar expressed happiness about developing cooperation with Iran, saying that Qatar welcomes activating different fields of relations with Iran. Later today, Zarif met with his own Qatari counterpart. The process of developing mutual relations and having good ties between the two countries were most significant points discussed. At the current important juncture, Doha, by creating balance, is resolved to alleviate tensions with Saudi Arabia and make the most of its relations with Iran.

Reporter concludes: The regional trip of our country’s foreign minister shows Iran’s good relationship with Qatar and Oman under current sensitive conditions in the region while stressing the development of relations with neighbors. Our foreign minister will leave Doha for Tehran in few hours.

Razieh Ranjbar, IRIB