Iran secured by sacrifice and devotion!

[An IRIB report about Ali Larijani visiting western borders of Iran.]

The reporter says: Shahidan height in Silvana region and bases at zero-point borders of Iran and Turkey were the first stop of Speaker of Parliament. Then after going a rather long distance, Dr. Larijani arrived at the border region of Bouraghan, Maku, to closely see measures of those guarding the borders. In one of the border bases, head of legislative branch admired the border guards for their valuable services, saying sacrifice and devotion in the borders is a big task because it guarantees the security of Iran.

Ali Larijani comments: It is fair to say that they have done a lot. From an engineering viewpoint, they have created very long roads in these heights. And they have organized locations for troops, and it can be said that right now, they have almost a complete control over the borders.

As you know, such conditions did not exist in the past, and some rebels, miscreants, and at times, counterrevolutionaries crossed our borders. Today, our borders enjoy a very good security condition in the region. It is the outcome of such measures. When law enforcement forces are alert and control the borders carefully, then there will be security inside the country.

The reporter adds: At the end of this trip, there was a sense of peace and security from being present in regions which were once safe havens for armed miscreants and terrorists.

–Thank God, there is good security in this region, and we will preserve this security.