Iran space achievements exhibition 2017

[An IRIB report space exhibition in Iran in 2017.]

Reporter: On the occasion of World Space Week, newest space achievements of Iran Space Research Center were displayed.

–About a year ago, the country moved towards making local meteorological radars. We forecast weather in two levels: one is on earth by radars and the other by satellite images. In fact, at distance of 200 to 250 kilometers, it can tell you whether there is wind or not, whether there is a cloud or not, whether it is a rainy cloud. And if it is a rainy cloud, what kind of rain. It forecasts all atmospheric phenomena.

–This is Soha satellite. It is a measuring satellite. It has 3 kinds of imaging. And its operation lifetime is 3 years. Its duty is taking images from human beings, earth, and water.

–Making space sector commercial is one of our priorities in scientific associations. Our efforts include developing science-based companies in the field of space, particularly in the field of services and giving services to different fields such as agriculture and industry.

Reporter: Exploring new worlds in space is this year’s slogan of World Space Week.

–Orientation of all researchers in the country in the field of space is to support operational needs of the country and to follow exploration in space.

Reporter: From October 4 to October 10 is called World Space Week.