Iraqi Kurdistan conflict, an Iranian perspective!

[In this footage, Iran’s Chief of General Staff of Armed Forces Maj Gen Bagheri says Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence referendum can cause long conflicts in the region, stressing that it was planned by Israel and America.]

Major General Bagheri says: They create chaos in a country. And if this issue is not resolved, it will certainly become the source of conflict for several years or even decades. This is the enemies’ plan. This is the plan of Zionist regime, this is the plan of criminal U.S. Threats are being constantly and variously planned and designed, and one by one or even in groups and simultaneously, they will be shaped against Iranian Revolution and Resistance Axis. And we must be careful. This is the lesson that Shahid Hamedani gave us. This is the enemies’ plan. This is the plan of Zionist regime. This is planned by criminal U.S.

Major General Bagheri continues: Just as with the verdict of religious authority, with people coming to field, with formation of Popular Mobilization Force (PMF), with cooperation of PMF with army and with presence of people and clerics, Iraq could defeat Takfiris, and drive them out of this country, now this country has to face with another issue. Creating Takfiri terrorists is the outcome of think-tanks, focusing on what they should do now to preoccupy world of Islam from within. They found some damages, some deficiencies, and cultivated them. Just like a microbiological weapon, Zionists cultivated this microbe. And they changed this damage into a threat and deadly weapon, using it against the world of Islam.