Military and diplomatic solutions are the same in Iran!

[Iran’s FM Mohammad Javad Zarif and IRGC’s commander Brigadier-General Jafari respond together to Trump’s remarks.]

Zarif says: The core of Trump’s administration’s policies has been depriving Iran from JCPOA’s benefits. And with our policies, we won’t allow the U.S. to do such measures.

Jafari asserts: The positions that Zarif mentioned are the same as those of security-defense sectors. But our languages might probably be different. The language of diplomacy is different from the language of defense-security forces. However, their foundation, their content and their orientation are the same. The enemies have experienced it again and again that all officials of sacred regime of Iran are all one and sympathetic, when it comes to defending the cause, to defend the values, and to defending the national power, as well as security and national capabilities. Trump can be sure that we are one with the foreign ministry and with the government, and our hearts are one.