U.S. regional bases, targeted!


[A medley report by IRIB about IRGC commander warning U.S. and IRGC sea parade.]

The reporter says: a Decisive warning to adventurous behaviors of U.S. president: sanctions prepare the ground for increasing Iran’s defense power. Revolutionary Guards commander says foolish behaviors of U.S. administration with JCPOA is an opportunity for a leap in Iran’s defense, missile, and regional plans. Jafari warned U.S. officials if new sanctions are implemented against Iran, U.S. must pull back its regional bases up to 2,000 kilometers away from the range of Iranian missiles. Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander threatened that if news of calling IRGC a terrorist [organization] by U.S. officials is right, IRGC will consider U.S Army equal to ISIS throughout the world. Americans are trying to harm Iran’s defense and weapon power by implementing a legislation called CAATSA, which on a false pretext such as supporting terrorism, will put sanction on military institutions such as IRGC.

Jafari asserts: Its outcomes and results are in the hands of armed forces.

The reporter states: Show of power in the Gulf. Brave men of IRGC, on a day which is called in their name, held sea parade in Asalooyeh coast, showing their power for guarding Iran’s territorial waters. In this parade, 110 fast boats and missile launchers, miner vessels, patrol and logistic boats took part.