Arrogant governments want to isolate Iran!

[An IRIB report about Iran’s police chief visiting China.]

  The reporter says: The chief of police of our country, who is visiting China at the invitation of Chinese Public Security Minister and Interpol’s Secretary-General for taking part in the 89th general assembly of this organization, met and talked with this country’s border police chief today. Brigadier-General Ashtari considered border police effective in establishing security in each country, stressing enhancing border interactions between Iran and China. Among the issues discussed in this meeting were exchanging views about strengthening borders, promoting interactions between the two countries in exchanging information, fighting international terrorism and extremism. In this meeting, they agreed on drafting a memorandum of understanding regarding border cooperation between the two countries, to be signed by officials.

–Most threats against Iran and China are from across borders. We particularly discussed terrorism and organized crimes, and exchanged views in this regard. And we hope that we can promote preemptive measures in this regard so that the result will be more security, peace, and comfort for dear people of both countries.

The reporter continues: Chief of Police of Iran also met with the dean of the Chinese University of Public Security. In this meeting, there was an emphasis on exchanging experience in police field, exchanging experts, holding training courses, cooperating in fighting organized crimes, drugs, smuggling goods and extremism. The police chief of Iran also made a speech among students, officers, and professors of the University of Public Security. Brigadier-General Ashtari pointed out to the promotion of interaction between Iran and China, saying that police must be on top of these interactions and relations. And today this opportunity exists between the two countries’ police forces.

The reporter states: He added that arrogant governments are not willing for Iran and China to have good relations, but with vision, wisdom, and intelligence of high-ranking officials of both countries, Iran-China relationships are constantly being promoted. Chief of Police of Iran also met with the head of cyber security of Public Security Ministry. In this meeting, they underlined development of relations and expansion of police and security cooperation between the two countries for fighting transnational crimes, extremism, terrorism, organized crimes and human trafficking in the cyber field.

Reporter concludes: Both sides stressed on more cooperation to confront cybercrimes and security in cyberspace.

Mohammad Reza Sohrabi, IRIB Beijing