Martyr’s ceremonies, for Khamenei’s political propaganda!

[An IRIB report about the burial ceremony of an IRGC member who was beheaded by ISIS forces in Syria. Khamenei is using this occasion to promote his own policies.]

TV anchor says: In meeting with the family of Shahid Hojaji, he [Khamenei] praised them for their endeavors, asking God to give them patience and reward.

Khamenei asserts: God endeared your martyr. See what an uproar is provoked in the country for the martyrdom of this youth. Martyrs are dear. All martyrs are dear in different countries. But this youth had a certain quality. God’s doings are never without wisdom: purity of this youth, the good intention of this youth, this youth moving right on time, and society’s need for this kind of martyrdom. This is how Almighty God made the message of your martyr loud and clear. God Almighty endeared him in the eyes of all. May God reward his mother, his wife, his father and all his survivors. May God help you succeed in doing your duties. God made us all praise the martyrs.

TV anchor continues: On the 6th day of Muharram, religious people chanted all together “Labbaik Ya Zeinab” (Praise be to Zeinab). The burial ceremony of Mohsen Hojaji who got martyred while “defending the shrine” [in Syria] started a few minutes ago from Imam Hossein Square in Tehran. As you see in these images, more and more people are reaching Imam Hossein Square in Tehran and its surrounding streets minute by minute, for being present at the burial ceremony of Shahid Hojaji. From early morning, thousands of people from different groups have come to this part of the capital, carrying banners of “Ya Hossein” and “Ya Zeinab” to take part in the burial ceremony of this member of IRGC who was a defender of the shrine. Many military and country’s officials have taken part in this ceremony as well.

The reporter says: Today, people of Tehran have come on behalf of Iranian people to say, “Dear Mohsen, people love you and appreciate your sacrifice”.

–Brother [unintelligible], one of the military trainers. Please give us some explanations regarding this.

–In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. What you see is for self-confidence. Probably physical strength and such things are not that effective here. But it is used more in relation to self and getting rid of one’s fear. And here people’s courage is evaluated, and if they don’t have a good performance here, they will probably not stand against the enemy’s fire.

This is Brother Ahmad Alahyari, a member of IRGC, who is doing some tricks on the ropes.