The Iranian Judiciary needs to be prosecuted!

[BBC Persian report on former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad criticizing Iran’s judiciary system for unlawful process.]

TV anchor says: Ahmadinejad has asked Sadegh Larijani that, in his words, “unlawful process in the judiciary system be prevented”.

Ahmadinejad states: I told him that currently, power is in your hand, and we can’t do anything. But it won’t remain like this. You treat us like this, then it is obvious how you treat the rest of the people. His brother wants to run for the presidency, and become president. And he considers me and my colleagues his biggest obstacle, saying that these are obstacles. Well, why should we be sacrificed to other people’s political goals? what is the role of judiciary system? How should it defend our rights? They should explain this. Of course, I pointed out that the judiciary system has a heavy responsibility in defending people’s rights, in defending the truth, in defending the oppressed. And I asked him to get involved and prevent the unlawful, inappropriate process, and I prayed to Almighty God to help him succeed in fulfilling this responsibility properly.