IRGC commanders under arresting!

[A report about recent arrest of IRGC commanders for financial corruption.]

The narrator says: Financial Times: IRGC fired 10% of its own corrupt commanders due to Rouhani’s pressure. IRGC’s trade and economic network, with the presence of IRGC brigadier-generals, is going under an economic reconstruction and being transferred to the government. Some senior IRGC commanders, with President Rouhani’s following up, were arrested to stop their roles in economic corruption.

The narrator continues: As such, IRGC has to destroy its own economic empire. And according to officials, at least one-tenth of brigadier-generals and merchants affiliated with IRGC have been arrested in recent months. And meanwhile many of these members of IRGC who were in suspicious economic activities had to return their own sudden wealth. One of the senior managers of companies affiliated with IRGC who was arrested several months ago was a cleric who had kept millions of dollars in his house. Also, one of the senior brigadier-generals of IRGC who was ‘the economic brain’ of companies affiliated with IRGC was arrested and later released on bail.

The narrator goes on to say: Since last year, Rouhani’s government has put in all its efforts to undermine IRGC, with this as one of its best achievements. These rich IRGC members lead and provide for 120,000 special forces of Khamenei. One of the officials, who didn’t want his name to be disclosed, revealed Rouhani has told Khamenei that the economy has reached a deadlock due to IRGC’s massive and widespread corruption. Iran’s analysts say the corruption of individuals related to power prevents the progress of the country’s economy.

The narrator adds: Also, it has created obstacles for the economic growth of the country. Rouhani’s efforts for opening the doors of foreign investment started since the nuclear deal with world powers in 2015, but it has faced with rigorous resistance inside the regime, including from IRGC that was defending its own interests. IRGC commercial empire includes big companies such as Sadra Marine Industrial Company, which manufactures and transfers oil tankers and takes part in oil and gas projects.

The narrator states: Also, Shahid Rajaee economic group which is active in industry and construction and is one of the biggest companies affiliated with IRGC. IRGC’s commercial branches also participate in other sectors such as health, agriculture, petrochemicals – all these companies are worth more than $100 billion. IRGC’s interference in economic issues started at the end of Iran-Iraq war with contracts for construction of roads and bridges and oil and gas contracts. Also, in 2009, Iran’s Telecommunication Company with 7 to 8 billion dollars was given to IRGC.

The narrator concludes: The process of extensive and systematic corruption continued when Ahmadinejad’s government (2005 to 2013) gave many economic companies and activities to IRGC. Now the confrontation between Rouhani and IRGC and economic crisis leaves no option