Iraqi Kurdistan to be fully isolated!

[IRIB report about Iran and Turkey closing their air borders on Iraqi Kurdistan, in opposition to holding referendum of independence.]

The reporter says: Airspace of Iraqi Kurdistan was closed. Iran’s spokesperson of National Security Council announced that upon the request of Iraq’s central government, all Iranian flights to airports of Suleimaniyeh and Erbil, as well as all transit flights over Iran from Iraqi Kurdistan, have stopped. Turkey also announced the closing of air borders on airplanes to and from Iraqi Kurdistan. Also, two airlines of Turkish Airline and Atlas have stopped their flights to Erbil.

The reporter continues: With one day remaining to holding a referendum of separation in Iraqi Kurdistan, some Kurd parties such as the Kurdish Patriotic Union have demanded cancellation of this referendum. Turkmen Coordination Committee has also asked for boycotting the referendum for separation of Iraqi Kurdistan. Some reports talk of Office of Supreme Commission of Election and Referendum in Kirkuk being under siege.

–Arabs, Turkmen, and Christians will not take part in the referendum. Officials must respect the view of these people.

–We, Kirkuk’s Turkmen, will not take part in this referendum. This referendum will put our future in Kirkuk at danger.

–This is not a good time for holding a referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, especially for Kirkuk province. And Kurds’ insistence on this issue might change into ethnic and religious sedition in Kirkuk.

–Our separation from Iraq at this time will have grave consequences for people of the region, particularly people of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Reporter concludes: Nonetheless, in a press conference, Barzani emphasized on holding the referendum, saying that ‘partnership with Baghdad has no benefits for us any longer.’ Iraqi prime minister warned about dividing his country, stressing that Iraq rejects the formation of any tribal country. Heidar al-Ebadi added that due to hostile positions of officials of Iraqi Kurdistan, there is no support for this separation from international community and from neighboring countries.