Selling Iran’s top-secret intelligence, Zahra Larijani confession!

[A report about Zahra Larijani’s espionage for Britain. She is the daughter of Iranian chief justice Sadegh Larijani.]

The narrator says: Disclosure of latest information about Zahra Ardeshir Larijani’s top-secret file. On Wednesday, August 23, Amad news announced a meeting of commanders IRGC’s Intelligence Organization to plan how to arrest Ahmadinejad and Hossein Fereydoun. And for the first time, it showed a part of top-secret espionage file of Zahra Ardeshir Larijani.

The narrator continues: After the release of Amad news’ report, on 5 September 2017Head of Judiciary Sadegh Larijani on 5 September 2017 held a meeting with Esmaeel Khatib, head of intelligence department of the judiciary system, and Pour-Zareh and Noroozi, two deputies of Khatib, to prevent leaking more information regarding this file. In this meeting, Larijani said “intelligence department of judiciary system couldn’t have leaked this intelligence to Amad news. So this intelligence must have been leaked either through Khosravi and Milani (two of intelligence department forces) to Amad news, or British MI6 must have leaked it to Amad news.”

The narrator states: After these remarks, Hossein Shariatmadari, in an interview with security news agency of Fars, announced that Amad news’ affiliation with MIT [Turkish intelligence service] is completely false, and this media is managed by British MI6. Reviewing reports sent to Amad news shows that after publishing the top-secret news of Zahra Ardeshir Larijani’s espionage for the British embassy in Tehran, this file has been de-classified. And in a meeting of coordinating council of intelligence institutes of the country, deputy intelligence minister, as the authority for dealing with such issues, severely criticized IRGC Intelligence Organization and intelligence department of judiciary branch for keeping this file secret.

The narrator goes on to say: Officials of intelligence ministry and deputy intelligence minister said in this meeting “for us espionage case of senior officials’ relatives of the country would not make any difference from other espionage cases. How come the charges brought against Mehdi Hashemi were dealt with during Moslehi? Why shouldn’t Zahra Larijani’s espionage case be dealt with?”

The narrator adds: An informed source in intelligence department of judiciary system told Amad news that deputy intelligence minister after the news was released and confirmed, has realized that Zahra Ardeshir Larijani had previously had training for “secret collecting” [of intelligence] in Britain’s embassy in Tehran by intelligence officers. She had taken pictures of top-secret bulletins prepared in three copies for heads of three branches, giving them to British consul in Iran and Italian college in Farmaniyeh street in Tehran.

Narrator further explains: There had been numerous weekly meetings with officials of these two countries as well. According to this informed source, intelligence ministry officials are consulting with Mohseni Eje’i, deputy chief justice, to start investigating Sadegh Larijani’s daughter on a charge of espionage for the West. But Mohseni Eje’i has said this permission depends on consultation with the leader. And this has caused strong dissatisfaction among members of coordinating council of intelligence institutes of the country.

The narrator concludes: Members of this council believe that Khamenei wouldn’t agree with these investigations, due to his own weaknesses and corruptions that Sadegh Larijani is aware of. Now, lives of Khosravi and Milani, two forces of intelligence department of the judiciary system in Tehran, are in danger. They were arrested 4 months ago to keep this file secret, and are in Ward 241 of Evin Prison. According to reports, after the publication of this news, judiciary officials are torturing Khosravi and Milani in Evin Prison to make them confess to sending this file’s information to Amad news. Due to the severity of officials’ tortures, Milani has lost one of his kidneys. Coordinating Council of intelligence institutes of the country has taken the first step for leaking intelligence to western countries by Larijani’s family. This council which prepares top-secret bulletins for heads of 3 branches of the country in 3 copies has now changed its procedure, and would send second or third-hand news of the country – and even sometimes confused news – in a separate bulletin to Sadegh Larijani. This has made Sadegh Larijani very angry.