Ahwazis bark and howl like dogs, Iran’s criminal prisons!  


Activists have circulated a video on social media in recent days showing horrendous scenes of brutal torture by Iranian regime forces against Ahwazi political prisoners.

The video, apparently filmed as a ‘souvenir’ by a regime guard, shows a uniformed man who appears to be an Iranian security officer savagely beating cowering and defenseless prisoners on different parts of their bodies.  Another security officer can be heard off-camera ordering the prisoners to bark like dogs.

The footage has caused widespread anger and demands for intervention by international human rights organizations to prevent such dreadful abuses against Ahwazi Arabs, who are routinely subjected to horrendous discrimination by regime personnel.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an Ahwazi human rights activist Irantag that the harrowing act of torture in the video footage was most likely filmed at the headquarters of the regime’s Karoon Operations Division in eastern Ahwaz, which is infamous in the region as a torture center.

The activist said that prisoners are routinely left with life-threatening injuries by torture of this nature, with the assaults mirroring the atrocities perpetrated by Iran’s proxy sectarian terror militias in Iraq.

One senior Iranian regime official, Brigadier Haider Abbas Zadeh, who is notorious for his virulent racism towards Arabs, was promoted to senior commander of the security forces in northern Ahwaz region as of August this year.

One of his colleagues, Brigadier Mohammed Safari, the head of the regime’s security forces in the regional capital, Ahwaz City, is similarly infamous for the brutal campaigns which he orders and supervises against Ahwazi activists and anyone suspected of supporting freedom, with his forces being given carte blanche to perpetrate acts of savage violence against local people, including women and children in an effort to terrorize Ahwazis into fearful submission.

The international community’s complicit silence on the regimes routine acts of brutality and murder, including regular forced disappearances and executions of innocent people on the flimsiest pretexts such as “enmity to God” means that the regime’s thugs feel free to act with absolute impunity.