Russian missiles lighting Iran’s sky!

[An IRIB report ballistic missile tested by Russians, seen in Iran’s sky.]

The reporter says: Light in Iran’s sky. The northern neighbor tested Topol Missile.

–Close examination by experts showed that it was launching a ballistic missile – RS12M known as Topol with 1000-kilometer range – which was done from a shooting range in the northern Caspian Sea, and it landed in a location in Kazakhstan. Closer examination by Iran’s air defense experts showed that what was seen in Iran’s sky was that ballistic missile launched by Russia. And because it was in high altitude and at the time of the day when its fire and light could be easily seen, so we could see it. This missile did not enter Iran’s sky at all.

Reporter concludes: After a successful test of continental ballistic missiles of Yars, Iskandar and Topol M, Russia has tested a new continental missile called Topol RS12M. It is a three-stage powerful missile with solid fuel, that can destroy targets 10,000 kilometers away. Many consider it as completing Russia’s nuclear shield, and this country’s response to U.S. and NATO’s destabilizing measures close to Russia’s borders.