A new enemy! A state of preparedness in Iran


[Iran and Iraq hold joint military drill in Western Iran, following the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdish region.]

Reporter: All militaries’ hands on triggers. They are very serious. If they feel that someone is having an eye on their motherland, they will fiercely defend it. These are western borders of our country. And Parviz Khan border is one of the most strategic gates to the relationship between Iran and Iraq. Iraqi army asked Iran to hold this military drill jointly. They want to learn from Iran. The drill is called Heidar Karrar, and today we are witnessing its third phase, which is called “Power”. IRIB news agency is the only group present in this significant joint drill. Wait for more reports in different news segments.

Iman Merati, IRIB

Heidari (Commander of Army’s Ground Forces): It is to show the promoting developments in ground forces. In-ground forces, we are determining the structure of offensive mobile units, and the best place to see the performance of powerfully mobile, offensive units are in the field of the military drill. We will do this military drill with rapid reaction forces, special forces, offensive units, and offensive armored units.