Iran cannot be invaded, Mr. Trump!

[IRIB report about Chief of General Staff of Iran’s reaction to Trump’s remarks in UN.]

 The reporter says: Chief of General Staff of Iran pointed out to the ominous destiny of Saddam, warning the U.S. president to ask his military officials about the difficulty ahead of him.

Brigadier-General Bagheri asserts: To come and make ignorant remarks in UN. After leaving the podium, he should ask his closest military official if it is possible to attack and invade Iran. Then he should get the answers from those who know about it. Today, in the Gulf, in Hormuz Strait, all around the country, and in the southern west region of Asia, we are not far away from Americans. We know what they are doing, and they are closely monitoring us. They will tell their president how difficult it is. Invading and attacking Iranian great nation will end in Saddam’s destiny.