Iraqi Kurdish referendum is a US-Israeli conspiracy!

A senior Iranian regime official has slammed the recent Kurdish independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, calling it an Israeli-American conspiracy to defend Israel, despite the fact that the US opposed the referendum, and accusing Israel of creating the referendum as a diversion.

Interviewed on Iranian regime state TV news,  Mohsen Rezaee Mirgha’ed,  a senior officer of the Army of the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution and currently the Secretary of the regime’s Expediency Discernment Council, said, “The United States of America and Israel have come up with new ideas, saying that the Middle East region must not be safe because security in the region means that Israel will not be safe, therefore they are seeking to turn the northern Iraqi region, the Kurdish region, into a conflict zone. Now the Turkish military forces have advanced to the border as Barzani said, ‘Kirkuk is for us’ and the Iraqi central government says ‘We will not recognize or allow this at all.’They [Israel] are seeking, since ISIS is disappearing and dwindling now, so after the last ISIS member gets buried, they’ll try to create another problem. Why? Because it’s not possible to maintain the security of Israel without security in the region.