Mullahs’ anti-Kurdish racism flares up!

A number of women were injured when Iranian regime security forces launched a brutal assault on a group of female protesters holding a peaceful demonstration in the village of Agh-dareh in the Kurdish region of Iran in June, with several others taken into custody to an unknown destination by the regime personnel.

The women were attacked while holding a demonstration in the village, near the town of Takab, to protest against the regime’s discriminatory recruitment policies; although the village is adjacent to the Agh-dareh goldmine, one of the largest in Iran, local people are denied jobs there, with more than 90 percent of the employees being ethnically Iranian settlers deliberately resettled in the region by the regime.

This video footage shows a couple of the female protesters lying unconscious on the ground after being severely beaten by the regime security personnel in an effort to intimidate the local people into abandoning their protests at the unjust employment practices.  The regime thugs did not even call for any emergency medical help for the women after beating them unconscious, leaving their families and other local people to rush to their aid.

Protests of this nature are increasing as the regime’s brutality grows steadily more severe, with special units of the regime’s Internal Security Forces (ISF) viciously dispersing protesters on September 5 as they held a demonstration to protest against regime forces’ indiscriminate killing of Kurdish ‘kolbers’ or porters who work carrying backbreaking loads across the treacherous mountain passes between Iran and Iraq.

Kurdish activists posted pictures and video clips on social networking sites showing thousands of citizens gathered for the protest in front of the governorate building in the town of Bana and showing the security forces’ vicious and wholly unwarranted attack on the peaceful demonstrators, which wounded several people.  A number of the young protesters were also arrested, apparently for the ‘crime’ of protesting against the murders of the porters.

The regime’s racist discrimination against Iran’s Kurdish population in Iran has become more brutal under the ‘reformist’ President Rouhani than it was under any previous leader.  Although there has been some limited overage of the arrests and executions of Kurdish activists, the routine racism and discrimination practiced by the regime have not been mentioned in any media accounts.