Iran holds more war games!

[IRIB report about military drills held in the northern west of Iran by IRGC and Iranian army. These drills were held close to the time of holding referendum of independence in Iraqi Kurdistan.]

The reporter says: Show of power and security in the northern west of the country. Today morning and with the presence of IRGC’s different units, ‘Muharram’ security war game was held in northern west borders of the country, aiming to show promotion of military preparedness and new methods of war, pre-emptive measures and conveying the message of readiness of armed forces. Holy defense week in Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province, in the northern west border region and holding security-defense war game of Muharram. Difficult-to-pass regions of West Azerbaijan today witnessed the show of preemptive power of fighters of Seyyed ol-Shohada Base, IRGC’s Ground Forces, which was in the form of units of air forces, commandos, artillery, and drones, displaying their defensive power to the enemies of the country.

Pakpour (commander of IRGC Ground Forces) explains: In this military drill, a combination of helicopters, armored units, artillery, drones, and commandos were all engaged to exercise together.

Salami (successor to IRGC commander) asserts: To follow our enemies and control their policies, or in other words, burying their ominous dreams about our country – ominous dreams which can be seen in our enemies’ operative strategies – to flout their wishes, we will follow them in the battlefield and keep ready completely for any second.

The reporter continues: At the same time, the 3rd stage of the big military drill of ‘Heidar Karrar’ was held in the public region of Parviz Khan border in Qasr-e Shirin, with the presence of ground and air forces of Iranian Army.

Nozari (successor to the commander of Army Ground Forces) says: In this war game, we will enter our special forces and armored units of rapid reaction forces step by step. The first part of the drill which is very important for us is that we expected mobility and readiness to respond to different operational requirements. They did what they had to do with natural speed. Special rapid reaction teams and armored units of rapid reaction forces have done a good job so far.