The five sins of Khamenei!

[A report about Khamenei’s big mistakes regarding Ahmadinejad, 2009 election, nuclear energy, Syria, and population growth.]

The narrator says: 5 mistakes of Ali Khamenei. 1) Bringing Ahmadinejad’s government to power in 2005. Perhaps, the biggest mistake of Khamenei was bringing Ahmadinejad’s government to power and giving it comprehensive support for 8 years. In its 8-year old life, this government had a black record and destructive effects. Every day we witness disclosure of new dimensions of corruption of the corrupt gang of Ahmadinejad.

The narrator continues: 2) Rigging the election and the election coup in 2009 and bringing Ahmadinejad’s government to power once again and supporting it. One the biggest mistakes of Khamenei was rigging the 2009 election. This caused many blows on the country, imposing Ahmadinejad’s corrupt gang in the country once again.

The narrator goes on to say: 3) Nuclear crisis and sanctions. One of the biggest mistakes of Khamenei was beginning, continuing, and persisting on continuing the nuclear issue, while Iran is the 3rd or 4th oil resource in the world and 2nd gas resource in the world and doesn’t need any other energy such as nuclear energy. Creating and persisting on continuing this project and sanctions by the West caused more than $100 billion damage on Iranian people.

The narrator adds: 4) Support for the Syrian government and Bashar Assad. Khamenei’s big mistake was supporting Bashar Assad’s government in Syria. In Syria, there is a terrible war going on, in which more than 160,000 people have been killed and hundreds of thousand people have been wounded and displaced and a lot of destruction and damages have been created. Engaging in and adding fuel to this war and supporting one side of the conflict was one of the biggest mistakes of Khamenei.

The narrator concludes 5) Mistake about population growth. Whereas Iran is greatly suffering from poverty, high prices, terrible inflation and unemployment, and according to report of Statistical Center of Iran, more than 40 million people are unemployed and rate of divorce rooted in economic problems has reached a terrible and worrying level, recommending and declaring directive for population growth was one the biggest mistakes of Khamenei. Instead of solving and fighting the cause of population decrease which is economic problems, poverty, inflation, and unemployment, he started to fight the effect which in its turn can intensify the problems of the poor country.