Officials’ huge assets, the judiciary’s new concern!

[A report about some Iranian officials in 11th government not announcing their properties and assets to Iran’s judiciary branch.]

  The reporter says: Half of the statesmen of 11th government who are not in the 12th government any longer have not announced their assets and properties to the judiciary branch.

Mohseni-Eje’i asserts: Those who were in the 11th government and their terms are over and are not in the new government anymore, they are 12 people – if I am not wrong. 6 of them have given their reports at the end of their terms. As for those in the 12th government – I was asking about it yesterday – 9 people have given a list of their properties and assets. Two of these 9 people are new, meaning that they were not in the 11th government, but are now in the 12th government.

Reporter concludes with a different case: But as for the case of Benita. The sentence of the initial court for the prime suspect was issued: Qisas. This sentence can be appealed. Spokesperson of Judiciary System said about the second defendant that his assistance in crime has been proved and heavy sentences have been issued for other crimes of this individual.