What a vision for Iran’s freedom!


[An old footage in which Khomeini makes clear his views about ‘freedom’. He said only parties that were in alliance with ‘revolution’ would be allowed to work, promising to crackdown on opposition groups and parties.]

 Khomeini says: If, from the beginning, [we had acted] like other revolutions that take place in the world…. When there is a revolution, they hang several thousand people in public centers and burn them after the revolution to put an end to it. They won’t allow any newspaper other than their own. Right now, it has been a long time after the October revolution, but people don’t have a newspaper, and there is no party there yet. They are beating the drum for them!

Khomeini continues: If here a corrupt party is stopped, they say it has become a single party, just like Rastakhiz Party [single legal political party during Shah]. We want it to be like Rastakhiz. We want to allow one or several parties that act correctly and will announce the rest banned. And we will destroy all the writings that they have written, and are against the path of Islam and path of Muslims. After making them understand that they are dictators and we are freedom-seeking. We gave freedom, but they didn’t allow the freedom to stay. Now we will deal with them revolutionarily. Let foreign newspapers write whatever they want to. Let followers of Zionism yell as much as they want to. And they too can yell whatever they want to inside their houses. But they cannot come out. They must be isolated.

Khomeini goes on to say: We will still have problems. Tomorrow, there will be the issue of the presidency. There will be the same problems and the same bloodshed. And in the issue of the Islamic parliament, it will be worse. Much worse than this. We have to stop corruptions. We are bound by Islam to protect Muslims’ interests. We are all responsible. We are all responsible to protect Islam’s interests. And these groups are destroying the Islam’s interests. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot give the freedom we gave before. And we cannot allow these parties to continue their works, and keep doing the corruptions they used to do. That capitalist dude whose filthy name I don’t want to mention. That capitalist dude created all these rows a couple of days ago. And then he escaped [from the country].

Khomeini asserts: We can’t give them time. By sharia law, we are not allowed to give time. We did as much as we could. And we were wrong. And I confirm that we were wrong. I was wrong, the government was wrong, and that council was wrong. We were all wrong. We thought that we are dealing with human beings, so we treated them like human beings. Then it became clear that we are not dealing with human beings. We are dealing with beasts. We cannot treat beasts gently, and we won’t.