Who commits chain murders?


[In this footage, former MP Mahmoud Nabavian talks about Iranian Intelligence Minister torturing Saeed Emami and his wife. Saeed Emami organized assassinations of dissidents, known as ‘chain murders’.]

Nabavian says: Let it be recorded. Intelligence Ministry prevents it. What was its project? Chain Murders. Who committed chain murders? (Twice I have been punished. I don’t know if Intelligence Ministry will come for me or not. They will come later. That is OK.) Intelligence Ministry should explain for people who did it. Who committed chain murders? Saeed Emami. Yes? How come we only know about Saeed Emami? How come it is not clear for people. I will tell you why. Who was Saeed Emami? And who was the other side? Saeed Emami absolutely belonged to ‘velaee’ forces [hardliners in Iran]. There is also another person. Well, what did they do with Saeed Emami? He took some drugs and died. He killed himself. That is all? I am telling you what I heard from one of the highest-ranking officials of Intelligence Ministry during the time of chain murders – deputy minister. (Now he is fighting with Ahmadinejad.)

Nabavian continues: We both had lectures in Shiraz, and we were on an airplane, flying back. (You know who I am talking about. So let it go. It is recording now so I won’t say his name. I will tell you when the recording is over). He told me directly that he had gone to the morgue. And all Saeed Emami’s body was beaten black and blue with cable. What did they do with his wife? They ruined her. They videotaped 160 hours. And she is interrogated for 160 hours. Then they cut it to 4 hours. And they sent copies for Mr. Khatami, Mr. Shahroodi, and Mr. Karroubi. The copy that was sent to Khatami was sent to Montazeri by the head of his office. And from Montazeri’s, it goes to internet websites. Now it is in YouTube. Torturing Saeed Emami’s wife. It is so painful, so much disconcerting. They ask her, ‘how many men have you slept with?’