Trump, the foolish president!

In this interview from an Iranian state TV news report, a senior Iranian regime military officer an advisor and senior aide to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei slams the recent speech at the UN General Assembly by US President Donald Trump, accusing the USA of being responsible for supporting terror.

The officer, Major-General Sayyed Yahya Safavi, recently appointed as Khamenei’s advisor on armed forces affairs, begins by asserting, “The foolish words of the President of the United States and the unlawful statements that he expressed before the leaders of 193 countries worldwide and in front of millions of people around the world have shown that he does not adhere to any international treaties, including the nuclear deal which was a cooperative multinational agreement.  He accused Iran of supporting terrorism, while all the people of the world know that, whether it’s the current terrorists of ISIS or Al-Nusra Front or the hypocritical movements inside Iran or the US support for the Zionist terrorist government or the US support for the ambitions of some Arab countries in Yemen or the sales worth at least 400 million dollars and the agreements signed with Saudi Arabia, what he’s said is a backlash and this comes back to America and not Iran. I think that the American people themselves are aware that the most foolish president of the United States is the current president and the most hated president of the United States is the current president.”