Even animals can’t drink this!


This fetid brown liquid is not raw sewage but the massively polluted normal drinking water provided by the Iranian regime for the Ahwazi Arab people of southwest Iran.  This foul-tasting and foul-smelling brown discharge is the only source of water for drinking and bathing, with the people of the region joking grimly that they don’t drink water but “chocolate milkshake”

Activists on social media have circulated this footage to show what the people of Ahwaz endure on a daily basis.  This has led to widespread illness and many outbreaks of disease.  This is taking place while the regime in Tehran provides Iranian-only settlements in the Arab region with all the standard modern amenities including clean drinking water.   With the regime damming and diverting the rivers in the Ahwaz region to provide water to other, non-Arab areas of the country,  desertification and pollution of the remaining water sources are steadily worsening, with the pollution from the oil and gas industry in the area adding to this toxic environmental mix.

With Ahwaz being home to over 95 percent of the oil and gas resources claimed by Iran,   the region, which was once lush and verdant, should be the richest area in the country; instead its people are denied even a fraction of the wealth from their own resources, living in conditions of medieval poverty and subjected to systemic racism.