Khamenei’s death imminent, who is the next “Jurist”?

According to this report from the Persian-language ‘Popcorn’ channel, which opposes the Iranian regime messages have been passed through diplomatic channels to US President Donald Trump suggesting that following the death of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, who is currently reportedly in the final stages of prostate cancer, the regime leadership is likely to see major changes.

The presenter says: “Ali Khamenei is dying. Abu al-Hassan Bani Sadr, the first Iranian president, has revealed that a message has been sent from inside Iran to Donald Trump, the president of America. The message said that due to the terminal illness of Ali Khamenei the Iranian Supreme Leader, there are calls on Donald Trump to reduce the pressure on the Iranian regime and to decrease the economic sanctions.

Abu al-Hassan Bani Sadr quoted this report from his sources, saying that the aforementioned message seemed to be correct because the US Congress had postponed its vote on the imposition of sanctions on Iran until after the Iranian presidential election.  He [Bani Sadr] stated in an interview with the Iran Wire website that a message had been passed t Donald Trump stating that Ali Khamenei was terminally ill and dying and a lack of pressure from the US government would allow moderates to remain in power, with Khamenei’s successor having the same role as the cleric Sistani has in Iraq. In further confirmation of his report, the first president of Iran added that regime officials had given a similar message to Reagan [the then-US President Ronald Reagan] during the last days of Khomeini’s life. According to him, the Iranian regime is now deciding on the successor to Ali Khamenei from among those figures who, according to the terms of the Iranian regime’s constitution, are qualified for this position, which is only a few individuals.

Mr. Bani Sadr believes that the options for Ali Khamenei’s successor are Khamenei’s son Mojtaba Ali Khamenei, Ebrahim Raisi, Sadeq Larijani and Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi. According to him [Bani Sadr], each of these figures has his own problems. He also added that the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps] does not have a good relationship with Shahroudi.

These statements came as some news websites, including Amadnews, reported on Khamenei’s physical deterioration. According to that report, a source close to Ali Khamenei’s medical team said that cancer had spread throughout the leader’s body, with any attempts to prevent cancer from spreading further being futile. In recent years, a number of media outlets have reported on Ali Khamenei’s deteriorating health as he appeared for a while on Iran’s TV screens.”