The Iranian support for North Korea, what’s next?

The Iranian leadership has again voiced support for the regime’s longtime allies in North Korea, with both regimes following a similar path in regard to their controversial nuclear program, in hostility towards the USA and in threats to strike US forces wherever they are.

Defending the North Korean regime’s latest missile tests and threats to “reduce the USA to ashes”, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that “North Korea has taken this route due to facing existential threats; Washington is threatening North Korea, so the country has chosen ‘new bombs.’”

According to the Iranian presidential website, Rouhani said during a cabinet meeting on Wednesday that “Threatening countries which possess nuclear weapons is a very dangerous game, so we believe in solving problems in this area through negotiations and dialogue.”

In this news bulletin broadcast on Iranian state TV, the news anchor says, “Referring to developments in the Korean peninsula, Rouhani said that North Korea’s actions are the result of US threats, adding that those who are issuing these threats in Washington don’t understand that threatening a country which possesses nuclear weapons is a dangerous game for the whole world, and this issue has no solution but negotiations and dialogue.”

Hassan Rouhani said, “[This is happening] because of threats to North Korea’s existence; stop it. Don’t threaten it more. Don’t threaten North Korea and this country will go and take care of its own affairs and people.”

Iran’s Defense Minister Amir Hatami said that Iran plans to produce “more accurate missiles, ballistic missile tests and cruise missiles” at the height of the global crisis over North Korea’s long-range ballistic missile tests, which many fears have almost reached the brink of igniting a nuclear war.

“Increasing the country’s missile capabilities is of the utmost importance to deter other countries from attacking Iran,” said the defense minister in an interview with Al-Alam Television; this is the same rationale used by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un as a justification for increasing t North Korea’s missile and nuclear capability.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump announced that he would confront Pyongyang with full military force. Washington also called on European countries to contain the Iranian missile program, stressing that the Tehran government has not complied with UN Security Council resolutions on ending its missile program.