Iran refuses US demands at IAEA conference, again!

In this report from the Iranian regime’s IRIB news agency, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, underlines the regime’s rejection of any pressure by Washington to allow inspections of its military sites.

The journalist introduces the report from Vienna, saying, “Ali Akbar Salehi, at the 61st General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, condemned America’s hostile positions and threats to destroy nuclear agreements[JCPOA], stating that the recent pressure and unjustified demands by the country are unacceptable.” 

Salehi is then seen speaking to the IRIB reporter, telling her, “As the Supreme Leader said yesterday, it’s not like, if someone wants to violate the nuclear deal or in some way inflict damage on it, they can get away with it safely, since this is an international understanding for which all [the signatories] are responsible and all must adhere to it.”

The reporter then continues: “When Yukiya Amano, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, emphasized that Iran has adhered to the terms of the nuclear deal and is subjected to the most rigorous measures and inspections, America’s Energy Secretary Rick Perry reacted by saying, ‘We will not accept a weakly enforced or inadequately monitored deal.’

On the sidelines of the International Conference on Atomic Energy, Ali Akbar Salehi has also met with Alexei Khalachov, the Director-General of Rostatom, and discussed bilateral cooperation. Salehi stressed that the IAEA must act fairly and professionally and safeguard the information obtained as a result of the inspections.”

The reporter then concludes the report, saying, “Kazemi, IRIB News Agency.”