Iran’s rogue threat

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on the Iranian regime in his first ever address to the UN General Assembly, calling it a “rogue state” and slamming the “flawed” 2015 nuclear deal with the regime by his predecessor Barrack Obama and the P5+1 nations.

Condemning Iran and its allied regime in North Korea, President Trump said, “The rogue states pose a threat to the rest of the world’s nations and their own people and have the most destructive weapons in the world.”

Addressing some 130 heads of state and government, Trump further described Iran’s regime as a “corrupt dictatorship”, slamming the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal as “one of the worst and most biased deals ever entered by the United States,” and adding, Frankly, this agreement is flawed for the United States, and I do not think you have seen the worst of it”.

The US President also attacked the Iranian regime’s “destabilizing activities” in the Middle East region, saying, “Believe me, it is time for the whole world to join us in demanding that the Iranian government stop its pursuit of death and destruction.”

President Trump also lamented the Tehran regime’s deleterious effect on Iran itself, saying, “The Iranian government has transformed a rich country with a long history and culture into a rogue state that is economically exhausted and is mainly exporting by violence, bloodshed, and chaos.”

The president has consistently condemned the JCPOA deal between Iran’s regime and the US and other international powers including Russia and China, which was theoretically supposed to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.   President Trump has regularly accused Tehran of “violating” the deal, reiterating his criticisms on Tuesday when he again called it “one of the worst deals I have ever seen.”

The US President issued his blistering attack as the United States imposed new sanctions on individuals accused of supporting cyber-attacks allegedly sponsored by the Iranian regime.