‘Official thugs’ assault Iranian workers!


This footage shows Iranian regime security forces brutally attacking workers staging a peaceful demonstration over unpaid wages on September 11, using electric batons and tear gas to assault the unarmed people, as well as throwing rocks at the defenseless protesters, and arresting a large number of them.

Over 1,000 employees at the HEPCO Company in Arak city staged a walkout after their salaries were unpaid for over five months, leaving them unable to feed their families. After four days of strike action, the state-owned company responded by calling in heavily armed regime security thugs who physically assaulted the workers in an effort to break up the strike and force them back to work, despite failing to pay their backdated salaries. Large numbers of the defenseless protesters sustained injuries to their heads and faces in the vicious assault by the regime forces, with many being arrested simply for protesting to demand the payment of their long overdue wages; none of the company officials responsible for the non-payment were detained. Some of the protesters handed out leaflets at Friday prayers on the 22nd at mosques in the town to raise awareness of the injustice, with the fliers reading, ‘Is a baton attack the proper response to workers’ demands?’

The strike action and the brutal attack by regime forces was just the latest such incident, with Iranian newspapers and even state news websites now regularly carrying reports of strike action by workers over unpaid wages as the economic crisis in the country continues to worsen.

Iran’s capital, Tehran, has recently seen angry demonstrations in front of the parliament building by unpaid and poorly paid workers, some of whom set themselves alight in protest there.

Demonstrations are increasing across Iran as the economic situation continues to deteriorate, with many banks and finance houses declaring bankruptcy following massive corruption and embezzlement by regime officials, leaving hundreds of thousands of citizens destitute, with many losing their life savings.