Bankruptcy despairing Iranians left destitute

This footage shows one of the recent protests by some of the thousands and possibly millions of desperate Iranian citizens who lost all their money, in many cases their life savings, after a number of state-backed banks and finance houses declared bankruptcy, with none of the savers receiving any compensation or having any hope of recovering a penny of their money.

In this news report, one of the protesters, an elderly woman breaks down in tears, clutching a handful of documents as she says, “These papers include the leasing contracts – I am a tenant paying rent. Also, these medical documents confirm that one of my family members is suffering from cancer. Come and read it – is it fair that they devour my money?! I am calling you, the officials, about this situation… paying rent and having a patient with cancer, is it just that they eat my money?!”

Another protester, a young woman, is seen participating in the same massive protest in front of one of the finance houses that recently went into receivership, with demonstrators shouting in desperation and anger at the bank officials after losing all their savings. She yells, “You are thieves! And the police, who are supposed to protect the people, turned out to be a disgrace” [a response to the regime forces’ brutal attacks on the protesters in an effort to forcibly disperse them by beatings and intimidation rather than allowing the rightly furious people to obtain an answer about their missing funds].

A young blind protester heartbreakingly holds up a placard saying “I am blind”, shouting loudly, “The Central Bank stole our money! You, the officials, should be ashamed and leave your positions there!”.” 

Another elderly lady who lost everything in the bank closure weeps as she tells reporters, “I’ve gathered this money, and my income is 700 Tomans [equal to US $200] per month

A third elderly woman looks utterly despairing, saying, “This is the fruit of my husband’s lifetime of hard work and efforts, he made this money, my husband of 22 years, he’s now passed away and resting under the earth. What answer should I give to my children? I am constantly ashamed and telling them, ‘Forgive me for betraying you after depositing all your money and savings, which is your inheritance, in the bank. It was my only source of income.”

Another of the protesters, a man, calls out to the journalists, “Hey you guys – the bank stole my daughter’s marriage dowry. The bank pays the salaries of its employees, as well as putting the people into debt, while at the same time not giving us back our money we’ve deposited! Where is this happening?” A young man next to him answers cynically, “Only in Iran.”