Another bus accident; 11 dead, 28 seriously injured

[A medley of two reports on the issue of road accidents in Iran.]

Reporter: Another bus accident, this time in Jajrood road, with 11 killed and 28 injured. These are documented images of efforts by forces of the fire department, emergency organization and other relief organizations for transferring the injured of this terrible accident of Karaj-Sari bus falling into the bottom of a valley 5 kilometers away from Jajrood.

–The intensity of the bus hitting the bottom of the valley was so much that the bus roof was completely destroyed, and when firemen got to the bottom of the valley, only a couple of people were in the bus, and the rest of the passengers were thrown tens of meters away.

Reporter: From this height, the bus falls from the main road of Jajrood and then it hit here and its differential became separated. And then it fell down again to the bottom of the valley.

–Right then, 11 people were killed, and 28 people were injured.

Reporter: Because this bus was equipped with Sepahtan system, according to the last information, its speed has been registered at 50 kilometers per hour.

–The brakes of the bus failed, and then a car came next to me and I couldn’t control it. I pulled over, and it slid over the soil and hit the concrete blocks.

–An expert is assigned to come here to investigate claims as to the automobile’s technical problems.

===Reporter: Iran is the second country with most accidents in the world. This statistic is given by the official in charge of following up road accidents in the country, and he has said that one of the main reasons for deaths on the roads is unsafe and non-standard domestic cars. Bahram Parsaee expressed his regrets about the condition of manufacturing automobiles in Iran, saying that during past years, automobile makers have had too much unprincipled supported, with the excuse of job security. Parliament’s Civil Commission is said to be probing the wave of recent accidents with the presence of Road Minister after the Parliament’s recess. Upon the recommendation of the head of the judiciary, Attorney-General, ministers of Road and Urban Development, Education, and roads police chief held a joint session today to think of a solution for preventing repeated road accidents.

–So far, the outcome of this session is that we formed a special work team headed and supervised by Attorney-General to rapidly foresee in a month what needs to be done for amending the laws, regulations, and directives. What is related to the judiciary system must be followed up through the judiciary system, and what is related to the police or ministries of Education and Roads and Urban Development, must be followed up through respectful organizations. And we hope that the government will give the priority to these suggestions to significantly decrease road accidents, which we witness every now and then. And just last night we witnessed another such accident.