IAEA inspections in Iran categorically rejected!


In this news bulletin from Iranian state TV broadcast on September 12, a senior adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader reiterates the regime’s rejection of any efforts to inspect its military sites, asserting that the IAEA should instead inspect Israel’s military sites, and warning that if Washington attempts to cancel the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran will resume work on its nuclear program, which it has supposedly suspended.

The bulletin first shows a speech delivered that day by Ali Akbar Velayati, Khamenei’s senior adviser on international affairs, in which Velayati says, “Neither Yukiya Amano [head of the IAEA] nor anyone else will ever be allowed to inspect our military sites because we have already agreed with the agency that there is no mention of any inspection of our military sites, and if there were any such case in this regard we would not agree with the agency [to any inspection.