“Prepare your missiles to destroy Israel!”


In this footage aired live on an Iranian state news channel, a senior Iranian regime cleric delivers a hysterical eulogy for an officer of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps who was beheaded by members of the ISIS terror group in Syria, using the event to whip mourners into a fervor of hatred against Arabs, and demanding that the IRGC prepare its missiles to destroy Israel.

While the cleric refers to the IRGC officer and advisor to the Assad regime’s army, Mohsen Hojaji, as a “shrine defender”, it should be noted that there are no Shiite shrines in the area of Syria near al-Tanf where he was captured by ISIS before being beheaded two days later, with Daesh uploading a gruesome video of the execution, which went viral amongst Iranians on social media.

The Iranian regime held his funeral ceremony to coincide with the Shiite festival of Ashura or ‘Day of Remembrance’, which commemorates the death of Hussein Ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, at the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD.   This timing was a very deliberate effort by the regime to foment sectarian hatred against Sunnis among the public by drawing parallels between the deaths of Imam Hussein and the deceased IRGC officer, suggesting that both had been killed at the hands of Arab Sunnis and slandering all Sunnis and Arabs in response, as well as suggesting that this is somehow linked to Israel.

In the footage, a prominent regime cleric infamous for his hysterical oratory and overacting shouts at the mourners saying, “If the Shrine of Hussein [in Karbala] gives a martyr, it is because the Shrine of Hussein is threatened primarily by the usurper Israel.  O Revolutionary Guardsmen, prepare your missiles to destroy Israel! These people will not pass on the blood of Mohsen Hojaji, the revenge for the blood of Hojaji will not end with the elimination of ISIS, but the blood revenge for Hojaji will only be possible through the destruction of Israel!” 

The massed ranks of regime supporters gathered for the so-called mourning ceremony during Ashura are picturing holding aloft many enlarged photos and posters depicting the dead IRGC mercenary Hojaji, and giving their traditional chant of “Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel!” 

The cleric then feigns being overcome by grief, ‘weeping’  as he cries, “O Abu Abdullah [a reference to the aforementioned Hussein Ibn Ali, killed in the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD], damn these people who witnessed your head being severed from your pure body and who did not rise up! Well done to these people who, after hearing about the severing of the head of one of your followers from his body [a reference to Mohsen Hojaji] rushed to attend with passion and gathered here for this ceremony.   Now these people have been standing for hours in this Imam Hussein Square. O family members of the martyr Mohsen Hojaji, I would like to narrate the tragedies of Karbala, and let’s allow the people to pour forth their tears for Hussein through eulogizing the deeds of your son, Mohsen Hojaji.  O family of Hojaji, will you tolerate witnessing anyone who slaps little Hussein, the son of Mohsen? Or would someone capture his family [the theoretical family of the theoretical attacker on Mohsen Hajaji’s young son], putting a rope around their necks and drag them through the alleys and streets?”