“Our finger is always on the trigger”!


[An IRIB report about drones used by Khatam al-Anbiya air defense base.]

TV anchor says: The sky belongs to Iran. Indigenous radars and systems experienced domestic specialists, and constant alertness have actualized this slogan. In addition to this, their capability in building different drones with special and various capabilities must be added to our country’s air capabilities. The report you will see recounts an absolutely Iranian epic.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili asserts: Frontline means finger on the trigger, and eye to eye with the enemy.

The reporter states: Iran is on the frontline. Every second they are looking in the eyes of the enemies of this land – alert and ready in 3700 air defense locations.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili says: Ababils carrying fire for the eyes and the heart of the enemy.

The reporter continues: Here the path is confidential – kilometers away in the middle of the desert. We found permission to see one of these bases – the nest of air defense eagles.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili puts it: All around us insecurity abounds while those who claim to bring security are present in those countries. But in Iran, the security abounds, because we are independent.

The reporter goes on to say: The commander said this capability is a gift for the heroic people. The birds [flying objects] here are absolutely vigilant. Air defense centers throughout Iran with indigenous, integrated command and control system are hand in hand.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili brags: Perhaps, the enemy thinks that they can attack us. But the question is: how will they get away from here alive?

The reporter goes on: Today, we just want to talk about the drones of Khatam al-Anbiya air defense base, which has different kinds of radars and missile systems for the security of the cleanest and most quiet sky in western Asia – “Velayat sky”. Now take a look from Velayat sky! All throughout Iran’s geography is full of bases of air defense eagles. UAVs that are ready to fly any second. They ready for reconnaissance, tracking, and fighting and destroying any invaders, and this is just a part of Iran.

The reporter states: No one could believe that the base has a sea of drones. No one could believe that in so many places in Iran, the Eagles are ready in their nests to hunt.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili states: If necessary, an aircraft will be targeted with rocket, like Hermes. If necessary, an aircraft will be forced to land with electronic war, like RQ-170. If necessary, an aircraft with 108 NATO passengers will be forced to land in  Iran and will apologize, like ISAF in 2014. An if necessary, a large number of high flying Eagles of air defense will come down on the enemy.

The reporter says: Each eagle has a name. Each eagle has a duty. Some are fighters. Some are for tracking, some are used for detecting the target and are used in electronic war. And all are very capable in air defense.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili boasts: What you saw today took less than 7 years to be designed, produced, positioned and be ready for the mission.

The reporter states: In the middle of mountains, in the middle of deserts, in the middle of the sea, and any other place you can imagine, there might be a base – a nest for air defense eagles. And this is the first time the world hears about this, and it has a message.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili brags: the Fighting Iran means what took place in Tabas.

The reporter says: The arrangement of air defense centers throughout the geography of this land is constantly changing. That is why the enemy’s evil plans are buried in our initiatives.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili asserts: Stealth aircraft are the state-of-the-art technology of arrogance. When you just give it a warning and it leaves the region, while apologizing, it means that you have said no to the enemy’s initiative. When their long-range missiles are within the range of your long-range strategic radars, it means that you have challenged state-of-the-art technology of arrogance.

The reporter says: A young commander with the youngest military organization in Iran are working on the security of our sky 24/7.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili explains: The only organization which is young, newly established and is in the mission. And it is larger than any other organization with 3700 air defense bases.

The reporter goes on to say: With these indefatigable, committed, specialized, and highly motivated forces, the whole galaxy is awed with these men.

–We have an expression here which says air defense starts where the asphalt ends.

–In so far as the sharp eyes of army’s air defense exist, all people should have ease of mind.

–These alert eyes of air defense base – the drones – are always ready.

Brigadier-General Farzad Esmaili says: The main capital of the country is not oil; the main capital is the youth above the ground. With their minds and their thoughts, they designed a body and wings that no country would have sold it to us.

Reporter concludes: Iman Merati, IRIB from one of the nests of sharp-eyed eagles of air defense in Iran.