JCPOA, to be or not to be!

[Kamal Kharazi, head of Iran’s Strategic Council for Foreign Relations, talks about two options for Europe with respect to JCPOA: supporting it or not.]

Kharazi says: To prove its independence, Europe should naturally take a strong stance against the U.S. pressures, and remove obstacles on the way of JCPOA. It is not enough to take stances. Basically, if Europe and important European countries such as France and Germany are determined to support JCPOA, they should remove obstacles ahead of JCPOA, such as banking problems, security issues, and other issues that are not completely resolved.

Kharazi explains: If Europe stands on its position and support JCPOA, that will be one scenario. If Europe, too, stops supporting it, that will be a different scenario. Naturally, we should be ready for both scenarios. And related organizations and institutions have thought about each scenario, planning how to react to each.