Hezbollah uses buses for ISIS!


[A report about ISIS agreement with Lebanese government, Syrian government, and Hezbollah to exist border regions of Lebanon and Syria.]


The reporter says: They came on foot, they went by bus. This is the story of 700 members of ISIS and their families. Three years ago, these people occupied border regions of Lebanon and Syria, and now due to a political agreement with the Lebanese government, Syrian government and Hezbollah, they are exiting border regions of Lebanon and Syria and are transferred to the east of Syria.

The reporter talks about the agreement: Many consider this agreement unprecedented, given the ISIS record. It all started with a military operation. This operation took place, on the one side, by Lebanese army against ISIS, and was advanced in Syria by Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian army, on the other side. After 10 days of war and battle, eventually, there was a ceasefire with the agreement of ISIS and all parties involved. Then there were talks between ISIS and the Lebanese army. Lebanese officials announced the aim of these talks as efforts to determine the destiny of 9 Lebanese soldiers, who were captivated 3 years ago by ISIS.

The reporter continues: Now that from these talks resulted in the exit of ISIS from Lebanon and Syria border, victory speeches have started as well. Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah, summed up these developments as such: ISIS surrendered, which, in his words, means the second liberation of Lebanon.

Hassan Nasrallah asserts: The battle continued on both fronts until ISIS saw itself in a dire situation, which resulted in its collapse. So it surrendered. ISIS had no other way but accept our preconditions, such as determining the destiny of Lebanese army’s soldiers, delivering bodies of Hezbollah’s martyrs in Qalamoun, and also delivering all captives and dead bodies that are near Deir ez-Zor.

Reporter concludes: In the end, whether we call this surrendering and collapse, or a multilateral agreement, it creates no changes in this image. Under total security created by the Syrian army, ISIS members were transferred to Deir ez-Zor, where Syrian army has been dreaming for a long time to destroy ISIS.

Saman Rasulpoor, Iran International