Iraq as the platform of Iranian exportation!

Iraq as the platform of Iranian exportation!

[An IRIB report about exporting non-oil products to Iraq through Shalamcheh border.]

Reporter: This is a trade repeated here in Shalamcheh border, again and again, every day: exporting non-oil products from Iran to Iraq.

–Every day, 700 to 750 trucks go to Iraq. They get unloaded here, and after the deal is made, they go to Iraq.

Reporter: Building materials, fruits, and vegetables from all over Iran come to a long distance to get here.

–We welcome this. In Kashan and in Isfahan, our trucks are loaded and we bring them to Shalamcheh. And from Shalamcheh, they export them to Iraq.

–I have come from Yazd, with 26 tons of tiles for Shalamcheh border.

–My cargo is potato. 16 tons. We have brought them from Hamedan to Shalamcheh.

Reporter: Because of Iraqi’s warm reception of Iranian products, the 8-hectare dock in Shalamcheh border sees 700 to 1000 trucks each day.

–We bought 150 tons of melons and watermelons.

–Iranian products are very popular in Iraq.

–The price of Iranian vegetable is really good. Today I spent $1000.

Reporter: With Shalamcheh border working 3 shifts, export of these products shows 2% increase compared to the same period last year. Avali, the manager of Shalamsheh commercial site, says:

–We were able to create a close relationship with Iraq’s customs office and Iraqi border management. And even during official holidays in Iraq, there is an agreement so that we can still continue our export activities, and there won’t be any holidays in this regard.

Reporter: Rajeh al-Mousavi, Iraq’s Ambassador to Iran, says that the current border of Iran and Iraq in Shalamcheh is a good opportunity for Iraqis to prosper their economy and they will do anything necessary to maintain this interaction.

–We are trying to make the border in Iraq 24/7, increase the work force, and develop the dock.

Reporter: Now it seems that good days are ahead for commercial activities at this zero point border.

Reporter: With final stages being completed, we will soon see the development of the dock in Shalamcheh commercial border to 13 hectares. This will increase the number of trucks to 1500 per day, which means the development of export in the country.

Sima Nafar, IRIB, Shlamcheh’s international border