Syrian frontline, focus of Iranian attention

[An IRIB report accuses Americans of helping ISIS commanders flee the battlefields in Syria.]

 TV anchor says: ISIS forces who escaped Mosul and Tal Afar take military arrangement. Following the liberation operation of Mosul and Tal Afar, hundreds of Turkish ISIS members surrendered to Peshmerga forces in Iraq. And many of them are escaping towards Turkish borders. Iraqi sources say that commanders of terrorists fled the scene with the U.S. helicopters.

Reporter asserts: Along with the U.S. measures to help some of ISIS leaders escape from Deir ez-Zor, Syria, commanders of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces expressed worries over the possible participation of the U.S. in liberation operation of al-Hawija in Kirkuk province. They say that the Americans have previously helped some ISIS leaders escape in Heliborne operations in two governorates of Al-Anbar and Diyala. 0:57

–Previously we witnessed that some American airplanes were landing for several hours in areas under ISIS in governorates of Al-Anbar and Diyala. And when they were asked about it, they denied it. Therefore, we don’t find any conspiracies between ISIS and America impossible.