Work revolutionary or leave your job!

[In this footage, Hassan Rouhani is criticizing the employees for not doing their jobs properly, asking them to quit their jobs if they are unhappy with it.]

Hassan Rouhani says: If we say we want to do jihadi work and revolutionary work, it doesn’t mean that we get to work at 8 a.m. with a little delay and leave work a little earlier than 4 p.m. This doesn’t mean revolutionary or jihadi. From 8 to 4, we work for our salaries; it is our duty. We should work from 4 to 6 for God, for our hereafter. In so far as there are things to do, we should stay and put in all our efforts. Every day that we come to work, we should do a couple of things for our hereafter. The usual work is our duty.

Hassan Rouhani continues: Anyway, we have committed ourselves to doing the job, and we receive salaries for that. If anybody is unhappy, he shouldn’t have come. And if someone is unhappy, he can go. But if someone stays, he can’t say his salary is low. This is absolutely wrong to say that ‘the salary I receive is enough for 2 or 3 hours’. If it is only for 3 hours, then say goodbye. No one is forcing you to stay.