Iranian classified information, the red line

[In this footage, Iran’s FM Zarif talks about relationship with Russia, as well as International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) inspection of sites in Iran.]

Mohammad Javad Zarif says: It is economically developing. We have a lot of coordinations for various kinds of cooperation in different fields. Today, it is necessary to review the cooperation and create the grounds for promoting more cooperation. Also, with respect to JCPOA, given the recent U.S. policies in this regard, it is necessary to have coordination, and so far, these have been good coordinations between Iran and Russian Federation.

Mohammad Javad Zarif continues: Both countries have supported each other’s positions in international organizations and multi-lateral relations. And Russia has very well supported Islamic Republic regarding JCPOA. We both face common challenges, and most important of these challenges are regional ones.

Mohammad Javad Zarif goes on to say: In Syria, Iran and Russia could help the Syrian people and push back the terrorists. Today, the conditions in the battlefield are very good. With the good cooperation of Iran, Russia, and Turkey, the conditions in the political arena have also improved, and we could have prevented tensions and conflicts to a great extent. One of the issues about which we have to constantly negotiate is the region, as well as the coordinations we have in Syria. And this trip also focuses on that issue, as well as bilateral and multilateral issues I mentioned before.

Reporter asks: Zarif, I want to know your reaction to Mr. Amano’s recent remarks, in which he has said, ‘if we want to inspect military facilities, we will not consider any differences between military and non-military sites.’

Mohammad Javad Zarif responds: It is clear in both additional protocol and the JCPOA. The frameworks specified in the JCPOA and additional protocol are for inspecting sites where nuclear activities are possible. And just as the IAEA has confirmed so far, Islamic Republic has acted completely in compliance with lack of unannounced activities. And none of these inspections –as emphasized in Paragraph 74, Appendix 1 of the JCPOA – can be an excuse for accessing classified information of the country.