Iran’s legal lawsuit against U.S!

[An IRIB report about Iran’s new lawsuits against the U.S., claiming for more than $3 billion.]


The reporter says: Iran’s new legal lawsuit against the U.S. Talaeenik said in past 4 years, more than 80 foreign contracts have been drawn up in the defense sector, adding that in years after the revolution, almost all contracts have been implemented without any legal problems, due to accuracy in signing contracts. Legal deputy to defense minister said most of the legal lawsuits that we have now go back to military contracts signed during Shah. Talaeenik said we received compensation from the U.S. for breaching contracts, and more lawsuits are on the way.

Talaeenik states: It was originally $400 million, and plus its interests that was $1,310,000,000, it became $1,710,000,000. We received this during past couple of years. But as for the rest of our 1,126 military contracts, we have carefully reviewed them from a legal point of view and their legal lawsuits are brought up in Iran-U.S. court in The Hague after 35-36 years. From February 2018, this case will be dealt with. It will be a rather long procedure. But anyway, it is one of our biggest legal lawsuits and cases.

The host asks: How much does Islamic Republic of Iran claim? What is the estimate?

Talaeenik responds: Our registered demand is $3,200,000,000 in The Hague.