Burnt girls!


[A report about girls who were severely burnt in school during a fire accident. Their treatment has not been completed after many years.]


TV anchor: A wound that became old, but not forgotten. The 11-year old expectation of students in Doroodzan village for treatment still continues.

Reporter: Doroodzan village. Shahid Rahimi school. Second grade, first class. 5 December 2005.

–When the children came in to go to class, one of them hit the oil heater. The oil heater fell here and started the fire.

–I went on top of the bench, and then on the teacher’s desk. Then from the teacher’s desk, I went to the windowsill. Then I opened the window. I called out my cousin’s name who was outside and told her, ‘Maryam, we are burning here.’

Reporter: Even though these classes are now equipped with radiators, there has been no serious treatment for the pain of yesterday’s kids and today’s youth.

–We have removed and hid our childhood’s photos so that our parents do not have to suffer more.

Reporter: Their story has been told thousands of times and has been heard by millions of people. But this time, they’re telling it at the age of 18 has a new meaning.

–Like any other 18-year old kids, we have many wishes in our lives, none of which has come true.

–Our doctors told us that the age of 18 is the best time for plastic surgery. But now that we have become 18 years old, there is no talk of plastic surgery.

Reporter: The families have spent all their money in these years.

–It has financial expenses. And we have spent whatever we had. It has been 11 years. Even if we just wanted to go to Shiraz and come back, it would be very costly. Meanwhile, each one of these children has gone through surgery 30 to 40 times.

Reporter: Their demand is a safe treatment, preferably in the private sector.

–They chose certain doctors for us, and then told us that, ‘if you do the operation in governmental hospitals and with the doctors we have chosen for you, then we will cover the expenses.’

–Our good doctors are in private hospitals. And private hospitals are very expensive. And they won’t pay for them. And if we go there for the surgery, then we have to pay for it. And we cannot afford it.

Reporter: Officials of Fars’ medical sciences talk of treating them as best as possible.

–Facilities and equipment in this hospital are not less than any other private, governmental, non-governmental centers in the country. From tomorrow, we are ready to offer them our services. We can offer them services in certain departments. And we have no problems in this regard.

Reporter: We hope that soon we can prepare a report about solving the problems of these yesterday’s children and today’s youth.

Sajad Zareh, Journalists Club, Shiraz