Black box of pupils’ bus accident

[In IRIB report, victims of students’ bus accident are compared to Airbus casualties. In the most recent case of such accidents, 7 students were killed, and more than 30 were injured in southern Iran.]

–It can be said that each week as many as passengers of an Airbus with more than 300 people lose their lives in our country in driving accidents.

Reporter: Each week as many as passengers of an Airbus with more than 300 people get killed on Iran’s roads.

–On average, 42.5 people lose their lives each day in road accidents.

-For just a second. I rested for half an hour. It was just 2 kilometers away from Tabriz’s pay toll.

Reporter: Now you can calculate that for example, it adds up to like 4 Airbuses per month.

–37.4% of these accidents have been overturning of cars. Almost 48% of road accidents have happened from 12 noon to 12 midnight.

Reporter: Well, the police says that the number of those killed in road accidents has decreased. In 2005, we had 28,000 casualties, and this number has dropped to almost half.

–At the end of 2016, it has decreased to approximately less than 16,000 people.

Reporter: It means we can do the math and say that in 2005, almost as many as passengers of 8 Airbuses were killed on the roads per month.

–It is tough. You grow up a young man. And he is survived by two kids. It is tough.

Reporter: Why is there really a lot of controversies when there is an airplane crash, but now as many as 300 passengers of an airplane get killed per week, but nothing happens? Why don’t we think of a permanent solution?