IRGC and the three new air defense systems

[Commander of Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base is unveiling three new systems used by this base.]

 IRGC official talks about the first system: We unveil three strategic, military, defense systems of the country. The first one is Sama system. Sama system is for researching higher atmosphere and monitoring atmospheric conditions on the earth. It is dual-purpose. A part of it is for monitoring atmospheric conditions and is used for military purposes. This system can measure the speed, height, and direction of wind and level of humidity for any air defense operations, including deploying radars and missile launch. Sama system is completely Iranian, local, and manufactured by air defense experts.

IRGC official introduces the second system: The second system is called Samet. It is for integrating electronic tapping system. The samet-1 system makes integrated air defense system possible, and what is discovered by one site will be discovered by another site as well. Also, they can exchange data to reach exact real intelligence, just like what happened to ISAF flight. In case of ISAF flight, at least three sites accurately detected that there were 108 NATO military officials on this flight which was a passenger flight. The aircraft was forced to land. The most distinguished feature of this system is that it is passive: it cannot be tapped, it cannot be detected, it can see but cannot be seen.

He gives information about the third system: Samee system is the third one. Samee is a mono-pulse, air surveillance radar. This technology is designed and manufactured for the first time in the region by your children. Manufacturing this radar is monopolized by some countries in the world. Integrated management of air traffic and transit will become possible with joint management of air defense and Civil Aviation Organization.