Unblocking You Tube and Twitter


[Iran’s new Telecommunication Minister, Azari Jahromi, says that condition for unblocking Twitter and You Tube is “cooperating with Iranian government”. Azari Jahromi who had worked in intelligence ministry before is accused of interrogating political prisoners during 2009 protests against the disputed presidential election.]

 Reporter: Minister of Telecommunication says, ‘if Twitter and You Tube cooperate with us, we have no problems with unblocking their filtering’.

Azari Jahromi: We cannot allow a network to come to Iran and be active, and offer their services. Twitter has made a request, but there has been no negotiation so far.

Reporter: Azari Jahromi also talked about legally following up Apple’s violation.

Azari Jahromi: As for announcing that the apps are in countries under sanctions, some Iranian companies have registered their apps internationally. Why? Because they have imagined an international market for themselves, and they have registered their apps in some free zones of other countries in the world where there are protection laws. These apps have been removed. It cannot be said that they were under sanctions. If it is necessary to take lawyers for these companies to follow up this issue, we will naturally do so.