Rouhani’s “reciprocal action” will be ignited toward the US!

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has threatened to take “reciprocal action” against the USA in response to sanctions recently reimposed over Iran’s violations of the terms of the 2015 P5+1 nuclear treaty.

Speaking during a televised meeting with Iranian Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani, and head of the regime’s Judiciary, Sadeq Larijani,  Rouhani said, “Regarding the recent American sanctions,  we formed a committee to decide the steps we must take in the face of these sanctions and the reciprocal actions we must carry out; the first step is drafting a bill which will be implemented by the Islamic Consultative Assembly [parliament] so that the Americans know that, due to the measures they took they will suffer the greatest losses and these actions will isolate them worldwide

Today the Islamic Republic is in such a position that nobody can hurt the greatness of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the unity that exists between the three branches of power [the legislative authority, executive branch, and judiciary] also exists between the [military and security] forces and other organs of the regime.   

Under the guidance of the Supreme Leader who is supportive of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic as they are supportive of this regime, all our forces will support the armed forces, and no foreign forces can bring harm to our armed forces. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and the mobilization forces [Basiji] standing for the oppressed and the law enforcement forces and all other security forces supported by our nation, they are all supported by the Supreme Leader and by the three branches of power.  Inshallah [God willing], we will continue our path steadfastly in this twelfth government, inshallah by more unity and by greater coordination with the Islamic Consultative Assembly, with the Judiciary, inshallah, and by divine power, we will realize the demands of the peoples.”